Embryo Adoption

What are the indications for Embryo adoption?

Embryo adoption is a good option for infertile couples having both male and female factors, who are unable to produce enough good quality eggs and sperms. Although it can be debated whether these patients will benefit more by adopting a child or an embryo, we give our patients both these options and discuss the pros and cons of both the options. This helps them make a well informed decision on how to realise their dream to have a child. Many a times, couples having suffered from long term infertility prefer to adopt an embryo, as it gives them the opportunity to go through the process of pregnancy and child birth. Embryo adoption also allows the adopting couple to avoid social stigma of adoption by keeping the whole process discrete and to screen certain physical characteristics of the donating parents.

Where can the patients adopt embryos from?

Many patients who get a successful outcome from IVF and have spare frozen embryos often decide to donate their frozen embryos either for research or for other childless couples. We discuss the opportunity for donation of extra frozen embryos with all our patients who complete their family with IVF and are left with spare frozen embryos. Such couples who have themselves gone through the process of assisted reproduction to realise their dream of having a child are generally very sympathetic towards such requests and feel happy about the prospect of giving the joy of parenthood to other couples in need of embryos.

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