Treatment Cost

What is the average cost of infertility treatment under your care?

Infertility treatment can be in many different forms and, therefore, it is difficult to predict the actual cost of treatment without full evaluation of the individual case. Please read here for details about different treatment options. We offer individualized treatment that is most suitable for a specific case. We will be happy to discuss your case in detail in order to provide you with a quotation for the treatment cost.

However, the most commonly performed procedure for treatment of infertility is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). In a typical case, the cost for the IVF procedure can range between US$3,500- 4,500, which includes the cost of the IVF procedure and medicines used for treatment. Please note that in some cases additional diagnostic and/ or therapeutic procedures may be required, and you have to bear the costs for these procedures separately. The detailed costing for such additional procedures can be provided after detailed discussion of your case.

What are the other treatment costs besides the charges for IVF?

In many cases of complex infertility, diagnostic or fertility enhancing surgeries- including, but not limited to, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy- may be required. You will have to bear the expense for such surgical interventions separately. Similarly, the cost for treatment or service relating to any comorbidity or complication of the treatment will also have to be borne by you.

For more information on special facilities for international patients, please refer to the official website of Nova IVI

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