Travel and Visa

What factors should I consider before planning fertility treatment under your care?

When planning fertility treatment with us, please keep the following points in mind-

    1. Cost of treatment
    2. Length of stay in India for the treatment
    3. Itinerary and scheduled tests and medical procedures
    4. Logistics and costs – airfare, hotel accommodations, transportation, etc.

What shall I bring with me?

Please do take all your medical records, documents from any previous treatment and investigation report. Please arrange for adequate funds as per the estimates and keep in mind that all foreign nationals will be required to apply for visa and carry a valid passport at all the times.

How complicated and time drawn are the visa formalities?

The visa application process is similar as for a regular tourist visa. Patients seeking treatment in India are generally eligible for “M visa” (M standing for Medical). M visa allows you a longer term stay in India. However, if your treatment requires frequent visits, you may opt for a multiple entry visa for which you need a letter from the hospital. Once you confirm that you will be coming for fertility treatment with us, the hospital will arrange for a visa invitation letter to be submitted with the Indian Embassy in your country. You will also be given a copy of the letter.

Please send us the following details via email if you want us to send a visa requisition letter to the Indian Embassy in your country:

  1. Name of the patient’s home country
  2. Patient’s name and passport number
  3. Name and passport number of the accompanying persons
  4. The planned date of arrival in India

My visa indicates that “FRRO required within 14 days of arrival”. What does it mean and what are the implications for me?

FRRO stands for Foreigners Regional Registration Office. Registration of all foreigners travelling to Indian for medical purposes (carrying M Visa) is required in the FRRO office within a period of 14 days from the date of arrival in India. The hospital staff will assist you in processing the FRRO registration.

For more information you can write to me at

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